We provide technical support to the aluminum industry through training, education and in-depth troubleshooting of Bright Aluminum. Increasing awareness of how to achieve excellent product quality increases your company's value in the marketplace.  We will show you how the added value delivered with a Bright Dip finish before anodizing can expand your customer base.

About Us


I have multiple science degrees and extensive experience that provides a multi-disciplined approach to problem solving. With more than 25 years’ experience, my work at Albright and Wilson, PCS and Nutrien in International Metal Finishing Technical Support and Sales, I learned from the best in the business – Mike Hamlin and Lee Branch with a combined 50+ years’ experience in Metal Finishing.

Technical Support


Our assistance is available at your company’s location for technical support, aluminum parts’ troubleshooting, defect analysis and process bath control.  Education across multiple disciplines is offered to maintain the Bright Dip bath, identify defects and correct them early in the process.

We can liaise with chemical producers and suppliers at your request, often alleviating poor quality results before the process begins.  Defects may start previous to where your parts meet the rack or process baths.




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“I have worked with Mary Oakley for many years and have found that she is very knowledgeable on the processes used to anodize and finish aluminum.  When I had problems with our Bright Dip process she was very helpful in determining the cause of our problems.   When I have contacted Mary for help and information, she has always responded quickly and followed up to make sure I received what I needed.”

Jim Nalewick

Technical Manager

Lorin Industries

Muskegon, MI