Bright Dipping Aluminum, Technical Information Bulletin corrections and additions, 2015 PotashCorp

Bright Dipping, Technical Bulletin #6-13, Aluminum Anodizers Council, Issued March 2013

Chemical and Electrolytic Brightening, ASM Handbook, Volume 2A, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Kevin Anderson, John Weritz, and Gil Kaufman, editors



Second Place Best Paper, May 2013 at the 8th World Congress of the Aluminum 2000 held in Milan, Italy. 

Title: “The Theory and Application of Aluminum Bright Dip”.



“I have worked with Mary Oakley for many years and have found that she is very knowledgeable on the processes used to anodize and finish aluminum.  When I had problems with our Bright Dip process she was very helpful in determining the cause of our problems.   When I have contacted Mary for help and information, she has always responded quickly and followed up to make sure I received what I needed.”

Jim Nalewick

Technical Manager

Lorin Industries

Muskegon, MI